Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I Have Cigarettes Again! - Goody!

A few hours ago I came from the store because I had just bought more cigarettes - goody for me! I have managed to be in good supply of cigarettes for the past month - thank goodness!

Some of the money was from my Adsense earnings and some of the money even came from earning some money online by placing some ads. I got a $15 check in the mail unexpectantly and I used that money, of course, to buy some more cigarettes.

I'm in a pretty good mood and I have been in a pretty good mood for the past month because of this. I am a little bit bummed though because I didn't earn enough Adsense money last month to be able to get it by the end of this month so I will have to wait an additional month before I get my adsense check.

But I have been getting money from places that I didn't expect to plus I may have a new client soon so things are definitely looking up!

It's a new year and my goal is the same and that is to make much, much more money!

So I'm happy - at least for the next few days - LOL!

Comments Received

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